June 7, 2018

So a doctor moves with his wife and two young children from the big city to a small picturesque town in the country very similar to Hudson. Nearby is a pet cemetery that rests on a Native American burial ground - think Oka - which is probably something he should have checked out ahead of time. Like scouting out the schools in the area.

When his son dies in a tragic accident, he takes the boy's body to the cemetery which he had earlier used to resurrect their pet cat, killed by a car, hoping to bring him too back to life. Surprise, surprise, he succeeds. And the youngster returns home in murderous demonic shape. Got your attention? Then peruse on dear readers!


HOLLYWOOD HUDSON - If you are a fan of fabulous fiction writer Stephen Ki...

May 31, 2018


Yours truly (at right in back row) and Patricia MacGeachy (fifth from left) were delighted to be guest choristers for the service at Wyman United Memorial Church in Hudson this past Trinity Sunday, May 27.

Did I ever tell you about the time back in the late 1960s in Toronto when the theatre critic at the long-demised Toronto Star singled me out in a review and sang my praises as a 'rising star and terrific tenor'? No? Then permit me to elaborate for I do have a reason!


WHY AT WYMAN - I was a volunteer member of the Scarborough Music Theatre at the time – which is still there today – and was painting scenery and props when visiting director, Garth Allan of the Niagara-on-the-La...

May 24, 2018


Well, the celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday has come and gone for another year and was that a spiffing wedding or what? And if you have to ask whose, then you have either been in a deep coma or living on another planet for the past few weeks!


JOLLY GOOD SHOW CHAPS! – I was kind of hoping that The Journal was going to spring for an all-expense paid trip to join the international press corps in Windsor but along with an estimated 40 million others around the world I watched it on the telly.

While doing so, I couldn't help but vividly remember the first time I visited Windsor with my beautiful Sunshine about 10 years ago. T'was a Tuesday morning and, getting off the train from London, we strolled down...

May 17, 2018


Surrounded by local members of Grannies Aid for Africa, St. Lazare resident Zeina AbdulKarim was all smiles as she accepted the trophy for best soup as judged by all the tasters who attended the sold-out fundraiser at St. James’ Anglican Church in Hudson on Saturday.

Wow, what a wonderful weekend we just had and I'm not only talking about the weather! Was running hither and thither around Hudson like a blue-tailed fly with a camera visiting three churches while trying to take in the mind-boggling myriad events, each of which as far as I could see was a super success. Permit me to elaborate.


HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE - Friday evening, in addition to Trudeau Stories at Hudson Village Theatre and the opening of t...

May 10, 2018


Among those welcoming visitors to the Hudson Quilters exhibit this past weekend and in front of the beautiful quilt that was won in a raffle were (from left to right back row) Margo Prince, Mary Catherine LaFrance and Meredith Royds with (front row) Phyllis Moody and Anne LaRoche.

So here we are in the merry month of May. Often used as a pet form of the names Mary and Margaret but originally after the Greek goddess, Maia, who is also identified with the Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea. Bet you didn't know that.  Well neither did I until I looked it up on the 'puter!

That being said, after a somewhat superlative soggy start to spring, it looks like we are in for some glorious weather ahead in this fair burg that is Hudson. Where, everywhere I look these days, it seems that Vendu/Sold signs are going up and trees, with the proper town permit of course, are coming down. This past weekend, I can only assume, being an exception!


April 26, 2018


Outgoing Manager, Joan Hughes (centre in white), is toasted by the Thirsty Thursday Girls at Hudson Legion Branch #115 in appreciation of her service and friendship there for the past 15 years.

Did I ever tell you about the first, and only, time I flew in a small Cessna plane? Together with my beautiful Sunshine, it was in February about 30 years ago over the Grand Canyon. Being the gentleman that I am, I let the other six passengers board first. And so it was that I ended up in the co-pilot's seat.


FREAKIN' FUJIYAMA! -  “Would you like to get a closer look at those wild mustangs down there James?” asked the pilot and my new best buddy. “Sure. I would love to.” At which point, like...

April 19, 2018


I was racking my brain for a fun intro to this week's column, and with the ice and snow now thankfully disappearing daily and life returning to the land despite the recent freezing rain, I suddenly thought of the Pleistocene Era that is said to have begun some 2.6 million years ago. I know, but sometimes I get these crazy ideas!

More specifically, to the last Ice Age which peaked 21,000 years ago and ended just a mere 11,500 years ago as the gargantuan glaciers that covered most of planet Earth melted and receded. Okay. So I had to look that up on Google. But sheesh, anyone around at that time could not have felt more relieved than we are right now to see our winter of discontent come to an end. Or almost!

People are out walking and smiling again. Gardens are emerging from under their deep blanket of white. Birds are singing. Tree buds are burgeoning. Winter woolies are being chucked for another year. Winter tires are being changed. And...

April 12, 2018


Celebrating at Whitlock Golf and Country Club and joining birthday gal, Frances Hynes (centre), were bottom row (left to right) Renate Pasborg, Lise Dorval and Marta Deschamps. At top left to right, Liz Rozon, Josette Mallette, Agnes Nichol, Anita Hynes, Muriel Baggott, Pauline Poirier and Barbara Verboomen.

Before I tell you about my flying visit to a little corner of India this weekend which - unlike that of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently went off without a hitch - let's turn the spotlight on two very special local ladies. Both nonagenarians who have just celebrated some milestone birthdays and who make no secret about their age, beginning with the youngest who has just qualified for that distinction!



April 5, 2018


Weiyi Liu, Operations Coordinator of Le Nichoir Bird Conservation Centre, is all smiles for the camera as she shows off just about everything you are going to need for wild birds this spring available at the Centre’s boutique located at 637 Main Road, Hudson.

I don't want to ruffle your feathers unnecessarily dear readers, but here's a sensational scoop on the local real estate front. Seems that hundreds, if not thousands, of newcomers are flocking to our neck of the woods checking out potential property to acquire over the next few weeks in which to raise their new families before all the best homes are taken.

What's more, despite the fact that not one of them will be paying taxes of any kind in their respective community nor complaining about the abysmal state of the roads in Hudson, it is certain that they will be warmly welcomed. In many instances, provided with food on a daily basis, emergency medical care should they need it, and the freedom to enjoy some of the...

March 29, 2018


Don't want to be an alarmist dear readers but there's a hit man in Hudson. At least he was until a week or so ago. And I'm not talking about some numbskull celebrated martial arts fighter or one-day-wonder pop singer at the top of the charts. But rather a guy on a mission being paid to knock somebody off. Permanently!

What's more, I have it on good authority that he was recently spotted sipping coffee and chatting in several locations around town, including The Carousel, Hudson Inn, and Chez Biggs. Got your attention? Then read on. And relax!


AMAZING ASSASSIN - For the hit man was actually veteran actor Michael Damico who, among other things, won the Canadian Karate Open Championship while raking in big bucks as a top fashion model in Brus...

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