May 28, 2020

Note of thanks for Peter Schiefke

Dear Editor,

I would like to leave a note of thanks to our Member of Parliament Peter Schiefke for his efforts to release a piece of medical equipment I was planning on donating to the Hawkesbury General hospital.

A local medical equipment company developed an N95 mask sterilizer using UVC light that would allow reuse of N95 masks.

The shipment was blocked the day it was to be released as the Quebec Government and Health Canada had issues on its design.The resulting cost increase led to the project being dropped.

Peter and his team attempted to settle this to no avail but he tried.

John Denney


May 28, 2020

Open letter to Premier François Legault

Monsieur Legault,

We are writing to express our concern about the relationship your government is developing with the Albertan company Questerre Energy Inc. which has set its sights on fracking for shale gas (gaz de schiste) in Quebec.

You have long been a supporter of fracking in Quebec, even before you became premier. As leader of the CAQ in opposition, you criticized the Liberal Government of Philippe Couillard for blocking fracking on Anticosti.

Questerre has its eye on the St-Lawrence Valley which is rich in shale. It is also the most populated part of Quebec and the most productive in terms of agriculture. Questerre holds many exploration licences in the St-Lawrence Valley and the CEO of Questerre, Michael Binnion, has expressed his wish to drill 10,000 fracking bores between Montreal and Quebec City. This is not surprising coming from a man who is something of an evangelist for the fracking industry and collaborated with the Conservative party...

May 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Mr. Robert Stocker’s ‘Letter to the editor’ in last week’s edition of The Journal regarding the sanctioning of the Director General of Saint-Lazare, Serge Tremblay.
Mr. Stocker raised some interesting points but there is an important issue to remember in municipal politics, regardless of our personal opinions.
In every municipality there is only one boss ... the council.
There are two chiefs – a political one (the Mayor) and an administrative one (the Director General)
Other than the councillors and the mayor all other people working for the municipality are employees.
As in any company or institution, all employees must show respect towards the ‘boss’ (Council).
As in any company or institution, all employees must follow the directives of the ‘boss’ (Council).

Alan Nicol


May 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the recent letter to the editor by Robert A. Stocker. 

Mr. Stoker introduced himself and seemed to think it necessary to write his disclaimer indicating that he did not know the Director General (DG) in a professional or personal capacity. Perhaps for full disclosure Mr. Stocker should have also mentioned that he is the mayor’s next door neighbour!   

He also mentions knowing about best practice in relation to his experience in the para-public sector. Wouldn’t good governance practices include insuring that an employee of the town in such an important position is handling files properly and his behaviour towards members of council is collaborative and respectful as requested in the resolution? Sounds like a responsible and fair request to me.

Mr. Stocker poses the question of how the DG’s performance can be praised on the one hand by the mayor and deplored on the other hand by five members of council; an excellent question but is he suggesting th...

May 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to let you know how glad I am to see our local newspaper up and running again. The Journal has become a big part of what keeps our communities informed.

The world keeps changing and not having our local newspaper would be something our area would really miss.

So thank you for coming back to us. I know that one of your employees got the COVID-19 virus so closing was the right thing to do. Glad to hear she is better and that the rest of the team is fine as well.

Be safe and keep those papers coming.

Vanessa Martinez


May 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

I just want to say that I was so very glad to again read Tara Fitzgerald (Guest Soapbox) in last week’s edition of The Journal, despite her harrowing tale of surviving COVID-19. Her guest column is always real, brave, and human.

Very happy she recovered and I look forward to her next cameo appearance.

Be well.

Dianne Bradshaw


May 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

Since moving to the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region over 10 years ago, I've been kept informed of area news and community events with your publication and I was very pleased to pick up last week's copy following the unprecedented interruption in our lives that the COVID-19 virus has brought.

I've long appreciated the way your newspaper has kept us informed on area political news and events along with maintaining a human touch. You indeed capture what this region is all about.

There may be wannabes but there's only one 'The Journal.'

Welcome back.

Robin Pope


May 21, 2020

Dear Editor

I was delighted to see The Journal back in circulation last week. COVID-19 has taken many things away from us including our local newspaper. I enjoyed being able to once again read my paper with my evening coffee.

Thank you for coming back with a colourful and informative issue. We have missed you.

Mary E.


May 21, 2020

Dear Editor,

We're really glad to see your paper back! Looking through it is always an enjoyable part of our week.

Now if we can only get back to the local dog park…

Marij and Lars Erup (and Miss Izzy)


May 16, 2020

Welcome back

Dear Editor,

This community should be very proud of itself.

It is needless to say that we are living an event that may go down in history as a pivotal moment of modern times. Even though it is an international challenge, I would like to take a moment to focus on our community.

Before this is over, in some way or another, we will all be touched by the effects of the pandemic. Yet, once again, the residents of Saint-Lazare have proven they have a remarkable sense of community.

I would like to thank everyone who has stepped up during this crisis and have put the community first. We are witnessing acts of generosity and volunteerism that go above and beyond all expectations. It may be an old cliché but local businesses, non-profit organizations, sporting clubs, and many residents have shown once again that in Saint-Lazare, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You should all be very proud of yourselves and I know that I am proud to say that I live in such a community.


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