Letter to the editor 1, June 25, 2020

Willowbrook worries Dear Editor, I am deeply disappointed in the community engagement process for the proposed Willowbrook housing development project in Hudson. To date, there has been no formal communication between the town, or council, and the current residents of Hudson regarding this project despite many attempts of residents to initiate. Rather, residents recently informally discovered that infrastructure (roads, sewers, ditches) for 'Stage 1' (30 blocks) of the project would begin on Léger Lane within weeks. It is remarkable that even though the town and council is aware of the interest many residents have in seeing a sustainable and equitable outcome, that we learnt about how thi

Letter to the editor 2, June 25, 2020

Cyclist scofflaws Dear Editor, Why is it that cyclists are allowed to ignore stop signs in the village area of Hudson? On Friday, June 19 at about 11 in the morning, a group of about 15 cyclists came racing through the village. At the corner of Main Road and Cameron, they ignored the stop sign just as a woman and her daughter were about to cross Main Road. If the woman had not yanked her daughter hard by the arm and out of the way both would have been badly hurt. I live near the corner of Main and Mount Pleasant and several times I have almost been run over by cyclists as I go to retrieve my mail. What accident has to occur before the rules are enforced? David Langlois Hudson

Legion news

PHOTO COURTESY BILL SANSOM The new Vimy Oak along with those who planted it June 18 – (left to right): Rod Hodgson, Stephanie Thomas Morris, and Mike Elliott. Well the new Vimy Oak has arrived and we planted it on Thursday, June 18. A local area resident was kind enough to pick it up near Dundas, Ontario and delivered it to us free of charge. All the seven small commemmerative plaques that were advertised to be available have now been sold and should be installed by the end of this coming week. Work on the Place Vimy Park bench is coming along well and it should be here by mid-August if all goes well. We still have no idea when the legion will be able to reopen. It all depends on the Quebec

Flower power

PHOTO BY T.M. O'SHAUGHNESSY Among the revered herbs used in indigenous celebrations and ritual, sweetgrass is often braided and, along with sage, cedar and tobacco, is ceremoniously used when smudging. Long before we headed into the change-making year of 2020, a vociferous argument (at least for gardeners) began over the fact that, for the celebration of the country’s 150th birthday in 2017, Canada had no national flower. Until then, the maple leaf had been the ‘floral emblem’ of Canada but the purists were disturbed that no actual flower, no botanic flora, officially represented our home and native land. It was of course pointed out that the provinces had already done their job of choosing

Chimney swifts lose another round

PHOTO COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK The Chimney swift’s name is derived from its habit of nesting in brick chimneys after most of their natural habitat – hollow trees in old growth forests – were razed for development. Acting on a phone tip, I went to Hudson’s Saint-Thomas Church shortly before sunrise on June 19. I saw three Chimney swifts circling overhead, but none emerged from inside the church chimney. After the planned installation of a cap and liner, none of the birds that roosted there would be able to return. Ten days earlier, another phone tip enabled me to see these marvellous creatures which are scarce and threatened everywhere in their range. Five local residents were gathered in a p

Major food donation to Moisson Sud-Ouest

PHOTO COURTESY ROSY JAGGI Vaudreuil-Dorion Mayor Guy Pilon (second from left, in white) joins some of the members of the Sant Nirankari Mission June 20 as they prepared a 2000 kg donation of non-perishable food items destined for the Moission Sud-Ouest Food Bank. The Sant Nirankari Mission, also known as Universal Brotherhood Mission, is a spiritual movement with a genuine effort to unite mankind for the good of humanity with the message of Love All, Hate None – Peace Not Pieces. Sant Nirankari Mission Montreal Branch successfully executed the Humaneness Food Donation this past June 20 in Pointe-Claire. During these difficult times, Sant Nirankari Mission is thinking of those who struggle

Up for adoption

PHOTO COURTESY CASCA These two gorgeous girls are Titi and Maggie, a sweet, bonded mother and daughter duo. They arrived in pretty rough shape (see Maggie's face at first, all wounds healed now) with their six babies (three each). Titi (4-year-old Tortoiseshell) is the mom of Maggie (2-year-old ginger and white). They are now in great shape and did a wonderful job raising their babies together. The kittens have all been adopted and now it’s the girls’ turn to find a wonderful forever home together. You will notice that Titi has a very unique look; we believe perhaps a mix of something exotic, maybe Burmese. These indoor ladies are both very sweet, playful and a joy to have around. Titi somet

Up for adoption

PHOTO COURTESY ANIMATCH Chad, a nine-month-old male Nordic mix, came to us through the Nordic Paws Project and we can't believe that this handsome, friendly boy is still with us. He has been at École de Formation Intervenants Canins du Québec for a few months now and is soaking up more knowledge every day. They are working on his resource guarding and should have lots of tips for his new forever family. Chad is full of pep and needs lots of exercise every day. He gets along with dogs but would do better on his own. No cats for him. If you think you're the family this fellow is looking for, fill out the form and ask for Chad. For more information on Chad or any of the other dogs available for

Police reports

PHOTO BY CARMEN MARIE FABIO Man dies in Vaudreuil-Dorion dispute Police are releasing few details following a June 21 altercation in Vaudreuil-Dorion that left 39-year-old Maxime Alexandre Bélanger dead. “At 11:30 last night, officers from the Vaudreuil-Soulanges East detachment responded to a call about a dispute between two men on Caron Street,” said Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Sgt. Ingrid Asselin June 22. “When they arrived they found one man seriously injured. He later died in hospital.” A 38-year-old man was arrested and appeared at the Vallefield Courthouse June 23. Police did not specify what, if any, weapons were used though other media outlets report the victim was hit with a base

Westwood grads on parade

PHOTO BY NICK ZACHARIAS A little less pomp and circumstance and a little more party was in order for the grads of Westwood this year; with COVID-19 restrictions in effect the students got to mark their graduation with a loud and lively parade of decorated vehicles. Students graduating from Westwood Senior High School in Hudson, like graduates everywhere this year, weren’t going to get to have the traditional ceremony to mark their special moment. Even if COVID-19 was going to rob them of their grad party, teachers and organizers at the school were not going to let the occasion pass by without the recognition it deserved. “They came up with the idea of a drive-through grad ceremony so everyon

Saint-Lazare imposes bans on open fires and water usage

PHOTO COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK Despite the recent downpour, the province remains under an open fire ban in which the town of Saint-Lazare said extends to the use of fireworks as well. The unusually long recent period of record-setting hot and dry weather has promoted the City of Saint- Lazare to issue a complete ban on all open outdoor fires. The ban includes the use of bonfires, fireworks, flying lanterns and instruments that produce flames. The municipal ban was enacted to comply with a province-wide alert issued by the Société de protection des forêts contre le feu (SOPFEU) on June 19 and prohibits all open fires throughout Quebec, even with the recent downpour. “It’s a matter of common sens

Ecomuseum Zoo officially reopens

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Acting very catlike, the Canada lynx seems oblivious to the news that visitors to the Ecomuseum will soon be returning. The Ecomuseum Zoo in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has officially reopened its doors to the public June 26, after being closed for over three months due to the province-wide COVID-19 shutdown that began in mid-March. A sneak-peek of the new safety protocols that have been put into place to ensure visitors stay safe while at the Ecomuseum was provided to volunteers on Thursday morning, June 25 to gather feedback on whether any modifications were required before the opening. Reservations required The Journal was invited to take a tour of the Ecomuseum grounds

Hudson swimmers left out to dry

PHOTO BY NICK ZACHARIAS The deck at the Hudson Community Pool will officially remain empty for the summer of 2020, while the town elects to move up some scheduled maintenance that was due this fall. The Hudson Community Pool (HCP) will officially stay closed for 2020. Though the pool closure announcement of was made weeks ago, along with the cancellation of all summer festivals, events, and day camps, council later tasked the recreation department with analyzing what it would take to get the pool open while meeting requirements for COVID-19. When the report was presented, council opted to leave the pool closed. “They asked me to put together the options, to see what it would cost and what it

Vaudreuil-Soulanges police detail last year’s activities

PHOTO BY CARMEN MARIE FABIO (Left to right) Sgt. Bruce Labrie, MRC-VS Prefect and Rivière-Beaudette Mayor Patrick Bousez, CSP President and NDIP Mayor Danie Deschênes, Capt. Marc Robert, and Lt. Patrick Bertrand outlined police activities throughout the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region for the past fiscal year. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) presented their annual activity report for 2019/2020 on June 22 at the MRC Vaudreuil-Soulanges office and along with detailed descriptions of events covered over the past year, the force is looking to have more personal interaction with the community members in the coming year. Under the recommendations of the Comité de sécurité publique (CSP) which is comprised o

Letter to the editor 1, June 18, 2020

Hudson-Oka Ferry traffic crisis Dear Editor, Thanks to The Journal for publishing, and contributing Les Cèdres resident Alfred Epstein writing his letter to the editor of October 24, 2019, citing the Quebec Highway Safety Code Article 326.1.2, sub-paragraph 2 which allows for citizens to cross over the solid line if the traffic lane is obstructed. Who knew that a long line of 45 to 50 parked cars, engines off waiting for the ferry to board them, would constitute an obstruction of the traffic lane? We did! We appreciate your community spirit which helped to resolve this case in favor of the Defendant, Aquité June 9, 2020 at Vaudreuil-Soulanges Municipal Court in Vaudreuil-Dorion. Jen (non-

Letter to the editor 2, June 18, 2020

Wondering about water Dear Editor, Water is critical for every town, which is why most cities and towns were built on lakes or rivers, but Saint-Lazare does not have a lake or river, so we are totally dependent on the aquifers in the Western part of our town. Water issues have been raised at just about every council meeting for the past three or four years as people are very concerned about water sustainability and future developments. Individuals and groups have been asking for a comprehensive regional water study to determine if these aquifers are sustainable for the future of Saint-Lazare and the surrounding towns drawing water from the same ‘zone de recharge.’ In 2019, Saint-Lazare coun

Letter to the editor 3, June 18, 2020

Open letter to the MRC Vaudreuil-Soulanges This letter is regarding the postponement of a study addressing the quality and resilience of the underground water table that supplies 18 of the municipalities in the MRC Vaudreuil-Soulanges region. With the impact of climate change causing uncertain precipitation levels, increased temperatures, and increased water consumption, this urgent study needs to be rescheduled as soon as possible. To the Vaudreuil-Soulanges MRC council: As outlined in the considerations and adoption of Resolution 20-01-29-23 on January 29, 2020 the vulnerability of the underground water in Vaudreuil-Soulanges remains a vital concern to the entire region. We discovered

Letter to the editor 4, June 18, 2020

Why I Don’t Plan to Attend Book Club in June: Dear Editor, Our book club has had three monthly meetings via Zoom. In May we decided optimistically to plan for a face-to-face meeting this month. Here’s why I’ve decided not to attend: It would be great to meet in person this month but, on reflection, I feel that it would also be imprudent. This is a personal decision, but perhaps I should mention some factors that shape my thinking. Epidemiologists seem to have limited info on how the virus spreads – particularly on the rate of infections arising from contacts with people who are pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers. This lack of data seems particularly troubling in Quebec where the gov

Unveiling of the Secret Garden

PHOTO BY CHRISTIAN GONZALEZ The City of Vaudreuil-Dorion is pleased to unveil the urban art work ‘Un jardin secret,’ produced by artist Sonia Haberstich along with citizens during cultural mediation workshops. This work, made up of some 70 flowers about half of which were created by local elders, was recently installed in front of the Centre Multisports on Boulevard de la Gare. Its establishment coincided with the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which takes place every year on June 15. Four groups of seniors thus participated in this project as part of the component called Les maillons d’une ville nous illuminant (The links of a city illuminate us) including the Grand rassemblement des aîné

Up for adoption

PHOTO COURTESY ANIMATCH Anais, a four-year-old female Chihuahua, was originally a breeding dog who was taken in by a family. However, they weren't experienced dog owners and she wasn't a good fit. So now she's with an Animatch Foster Mom. Anais is very shy when she first meets people, but is a serious snuggler when she warms up. She is catching on to the house training thing, and would be the ideal companion if you're looking for a dog that likes to hang around, go for a couple walks a day, and maybe help with the gardening. She would do well with another dog to show her the ropes and she gets along with cats. If she sounds like the perfect addition to your family and you have ten to fifteen

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