Pet peeves…

I must admit that have a weird and wonderful love/hate relationship with them. Being an extremely logical person, when something strikes me as being absurd I find the urge to voice my thoughts almost irresistible. Almost. Top on my list of pet peeves would have to be ridiculous conversations. Not that the person I am speaking with is necessarily ridiculous, but the nature of the conversation itself. And so it was last Thursday morning when I called my internet, television, and mobile provider. Their competitor had recently been in the neighborhood courting me to come back to them which I, being the queen of frugality, saw as the perfect time to negotiate a better rate. What could be the harm

Garden Tour

PHOTO COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK The Hudson Garden Club offers a perfect summer afternoon - rain or shine, tour some of Hudson's best gardens, chat with gardeners, get design and planting ideas, and soak up the beauty of nature. July 21st 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Maps available on the club’s website and at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre. Light refreshments will be served at the last garden. $10 for non-members, payable at the first garden visited.

Up for adoption

PHOTO COURTESY ANIMATCH Toto, a 10-year-old male poodle, spent three years in his last home and came to Animatch because his family worried that he was fearful around the new baby. He adores people, walks well and is well-behaved. Toto is fit, agile, placid and easy-going. He needs regular grooming and frequent brushing. He would do best in an adult home or one with children over 12. He is just waiting to become someone's best friend. To adopt Toto, please go to and fill out the form.

Up for adoption

PHOTO COURTESY CASCA Cooper is a tabby and white male born June 8, 2018 and is a total lap cat. He is affectionate and rambunctious despite his knee (he limps but has no pain ). It has been determined as a genetic problem (vet suggested he gets Omega 3 and cartilage supplements to avoid arthritis for as long as possible). Cooper acts like a kitten and runs and jumps and doesn't hold back. He is a gem and a handsome fella too. He loves nothing more than to lay on you when he is not playing. Cooper is dog and cat friendly and he likes to be held like a baby (on his back in your arms).Cooper is vaccinated and sterilized. For more information regarding Cooper, contact us by email at cascavaudreu


Vankleek Hill Porchfest 2019 takes place Saturday, July 20. This year's event will feature 41 bands and individual performers – up from 32 last year – spread out over 31 porches. Local band Highway 34 will kick off by playing at the Vankleek Hill Farmer's Market at 11 a.m. Vendors at the market have been asked to bring items suitable for a picnic lunch and visitors are invited to have a picnic lunch at the market and then venture into town for Porchfest itself. Also this year will feature performers playing at Heritage Lodge in Vankleek Hill to entertain the seniors who live there. The Vankleek Hill Fiddlers will play at the lodge from 1-2 p.m., followed by St. Jude Strings at 2 p.m. Perform

Hip hip hooray for summer vacation!

Sing it with me beautiful people – “School’s out for summer!” Now I know that some of you young’uns are already in full summer vacation mode for a few weeks now but you must allow me my moment of glee as we at the paper here shut down for three weeks. Makes me feel like a kid again except I am no longer that young boy racing down the school corridor charging hell-bent through the doors into the sweet freedom of summer. Nope, now I just roll over, unceremoniously push the cat off my pillow onto the floor and hit the snooze button for another three hours. And speaking of my pudgy little furry buddy – a mere drop of only 30 inches to the floor should never elicit the sound “oooof” from a cat. I

Letter to the editor 1, July 18, 2019

The Place Verde Saga Dear Editor, Having read James Armstrong’s article in last week’s The Journal regarding the increase from 40 per cent to 49 per cent of land classified as wetlands in Saint-Lazare’s Place Verde project, I found it odd that the developer would change his plans this far into the project. How is it possible for their biologist to be so wrong about the size and location of wetlands? Such a large area of land (9% = 400,000 sq-ft. or 37,000 sq-m) being incorrectly classified by a biologist is hardly within an acceptable ‘margin of error,’ which is why Saint- Lazare needs to change the way characterization studies are mandated, reviewed, verified, and implemented. However, the

Letter to the editor 2, July 18, 2019

Church question Dear Editor, I was wondering if there is any specific reason why the tall, ugly, and unkempt evergreen directly located in front of Saint-James Church has not been cut down. This church is a treasure to look at and yet its main facade and old quaint tower is obstructed. Could Hudson politicians and the parishioners agree to have this tree removed so people could actually see the front of the church from main road? Peter Shepherd Hudson

Letter to the editor 3, July 18, 2019

Another church question Dear Editor, I have said it before but it’s time to say it again. It is time to reorganize some things in Hudson. It is not right for the Anglican Church to own all that land around the church on that prime waterfront site, and not be obliged to pay any taxes on it. It is a completely underused valuable site worth a lot of money and could be used to build a small condo complex for seniors. Or indeed, any other use. Onward and upward! Naomi Henshaw Hudson

Letter to the editor 4, July 18, 2019

The right approach Dear Editor, Congratulations go to Heidi and Gwen at Que de Bonnes Choses for taking such an enlightened and effective approach to the vandalism that occurred at their store. As a teacher who has worked with youth in trouble with the law for almost 40 years I highly support their message that when a crime has been committed, especially by youth or young adults, that if responsibility and full restitution is assumed by the perpetrator that the police are not necessarily necessary. Of course should that not have occurred then they were prepared to call the police which is always the alternative. The fact that they chose to resolve the issue privately and successfully no doub

Hudson Village Theatre 2019 season features Canadian talent

PHOTO COURTESY JOHN SHERIDAN Rehearsals for the Hudson Village Theatre’s Marion Bridge directed by Dean Patrick Fleming (right) have gotten underway featuring (left to right) Leni Parker, Stefanie Buxton and Kathryn Kirkpatrick as the three sisters. Hudson Village Theatre’s (HVT) 2019 professional season is currently underway with the production of the first of three plays by Canadian playwrights starting with The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey onstage from July 4 to July 21. Next in the line-up are Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor and Billy Bishop Goes to War by John Gray and Eric Peterson. Director Dean Patrick Fleming is reported to have chosen four plays for his first season at HVT but the

Greenwood’s StoryFest 2019 to welcome astronaut Dave Williams

PHOTO COURTESY STORYFEST Perfectly timed with the 50th anniversary of the first moon mission, Greenwood Centre for Living History’s annual StoryFest literary festival welcomes astronaut Dr. Dave Williams in October, just one of the many exciting guests. 18th edition of Hudson’s annual literary festival announces line-up for October As celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing continue all summer, Greenwood’s StoryFest 2019 is pleased to announce that Canadian astronaut, doctor, CEO and author Dave Williams will be coming to Hudson to highlight its October literary festival line-up. Williams is the author of the autobiography Defying Limits: Lessons from the Edge of t

Hudson High and Westwood Senior celebrating 100 years

PHOTO COURTESY TANIA ELLERBECK Members of Hudson High School’s Centennial Celebration Planning Committee have plenty of fun and surprises in store for returning alumni. Seen here are some committee members (left to right, standing): Arianne Thifault, Steve Dubinsky, Chloe Thifault, Nancy Simpson, and Larry Grey and (left to right, seated): Tania Ellerbeck, Tammy Brule and Pam Pinchuk. Plans for the event marking the Centennial Anniversary of Hudson High School, now known as Westwood High School Senior Campus (HHS/WSS), are well underway according to co-chair of the planning committee Tania Ellerbeck. It promises to be a weekend packed with activities starting on Friday, October 4 with a ‘Tas

Hudson Music Festival welcomes range of musical genres this year

PHOTO BY BRIAN GALLAGHER (Left to right): Musician Yoel Diaz, HMF co-organizer Blair Mackay, Hudson Mayor Jamie Nicholls, Desjardins Market Development Director Elaine Vermette, Desjardins Wealth Management Advisor Jason-Michael Comtois, HMF co-organizer Lynda Clouette-Mackay, and Desjardins Wealth Management Advisor Remy Zucchet announce the list of talent participating in the upcoming Hudson Music Festival. I was looking forward to attending the press conference for the upcoming Hudson Music Festival (HMF) because it is always exciting to see what artistic director Blair Mackay has put together for our listening pleasure. And as usual, this year will not disappoint. The festival runs from

New flood zone map gets mixed reaction from Vaudreuil-Soulanges

PHOTO COURTESY CENTRE D'EXPERTISE HYDRIQUE DU QUÉBEC The revised borders of Quebec’s zero to 20-year floodplain map are reduced in scope from the first iteration but some area mayors are still critical of the provincial government’s lack of communication with municipal officials prior to its release. The Quebec government issued an updated version of the Special Intervention Zone (ZIS) map Monday, July 15. The updated version addresses many of the errors in the first map brought to the attention of the Quebec government during the public consultations held across the province on July 4. There are, however, properties not touched by flooding that remain in the ZIS. “I think it will be fairly

New inductees honoured at CBSA graduation ceremony in Rigaud

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK The Honourable Bill Blair (left), federal Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction joined Vaudreuil-Soulanges Liberal MP Peter Schiefke (who is also the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister for Youth and the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction); Stéphane Boyer, Supervisor for the CBSA detector dog training program; and John Ossowski, CBSA President with detector dog Gustav at the CBSA College in Rigaud July 12 for the school’s annual graduation ceremony and a chance to see some of the training programs. A group of more than 60 new border control agents and their families took part in an induction ceremony attended by federa

Saint-Lazare resident recognized by councillor for persistence in landslide issue

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Chaline Valley resident Richard Meades spent eight years relentlessly addressing his concerns for the area to elected officials. Work to stabilize the landslide zone in Chaline Valley is finally proceeding at full pace much to the relief of resident Richard Meades who spent the past eight years rallying city council to recognize the potential landslide situation and do something to resolve the problem. His efforts were lauded by newly elected District 3 Councillor Benoît Tremblay who credits Meades for his tenacity by constantly raising the issue at the town’s monthly council meetings. Tremblay, who was recently elected to council in a by-election in early June, also liv

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How do you make a Phillips’ Screwdriver? By mixing vodka and Milk of Magnesia. I was reminded of this (bad) joke the other day when my son took a nasty tumble off his bike and came home with a bloody and scraped up knee. He had a shower and put some Polysporin on it while my husband and I explained how our generation’s parents had dealt with abrasions – Mercurochrome. Anyone under the age of 50 probably won’t remember the bright orangey-red badge of honour that showcased our latest boo-boo to all the other neighbourhood kids. Just like Milk of Magnesia (that tasted like minty chalk) many tinctures of our youth are hard, if not impossible, to find today. Applied with an eyedropper from a sma

Afternoon tea

PHOTO COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK The Greenwood Centre for Living History invites you to enjoy Afternoon Tea on Sunday, July 28 from 2 to 4 p.m. at 254 Main Road. Scones, sandwiches, and other tea fare. Admission $20 per person. Reserve by calling (450) 458-5396. More info at

Gardening presentation

PHOTO COURTESY SHUTTERSTOCK The Hudson Garden Club and The Hudson Food Collective / Le Collectif alimentaire de Hudson are hosting 'Permaculture.' Specialist Jonah Neumark ( presents gardening designs incorporating edible and ecological plants, built on ethical and self-sufficient ideals. Tuesday, July 16 at 7:30 p.m. at St. James Church Hall, 642 Main Road in Hudson. Guest entrance fee $5.

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