Danger zone

PHOTO COURTESY PEXELS With September close to wrapping up, we're all relatively settled into our new school year routines save for the things out of the ordinary that keep life interesting – like an ongoing road construction project that throws a detour into my daily commute and an unprecedented heat wave that has us all (well, me anyways) whining for January. Those, and the fact that my son signed up for a couple of clubs that extend his day – and thereby my drive. “I've joined the archery club,” he told me. “Great,” I answered. “Twice a week at 7 a.m.” “That's.... great...” Now, I love archery. It's one of those things that I fell in love with as soon as I tried it, like billiards, high ju

U12MAA win Silver in Granby

PHOTO COURTESY PATRICE DESAULNIERS The U12MAA St-Lazare Hawks won the silver medal in the 40th edition of the prestigious “International de soccer Jean Yves Phaneuf” held in Granby. The team reached the gold medal match having won its 5 games versus teams from Laval, the South shore, and the Quebec-city region. This is the 2nd consecutive Granby finals appearance for the team. The boys were not able to overcome a resilient Terrebonne team in the finals, but played very well and showed their quality throughout the tournament. Congratulations for another excellent season boys! Tryouts for the upcoming competitive soccer season will be held on Sept 17th and 24th at 3pm (2005 boys) at the Westwo

Congrats to St. Lazare athlete

PHOTO COURTESY LUCIE CHÉNIER The family of St. Lazare resident Étienne Chevrier are celebrating his placing in the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam, Holland September 17. Étienne arrived 43rd out of 125 participants, in the category of men aged 40 to 44. The triathlon course included: Swimming 1500 metres, cycling 40 kilometres and running 10 kilometres. Congratulations Étienne for your courage and determination during this triathlon in Rotterdam. We are proud to have been able to attend this beautiful and great performance. Your parents, Louise and André Paul and your sister Anne-Marie.

Regal Ralf

PHOTO COURTESY CASCA Hi, my name is Ralf. I am a handsome guy who was born in March, 2012. I have been sterilized and vaccinated. I was outside, stray and really hungry. I crossed paths with someone and I knew that she had seen me. I followed that person and yup, she brought me home to feed me. My fur was matted and unkempt... grooming isn't a priority when you're on the streets looking for food and trying to stay safe from macho tomcats and wild animals. I was shaved and very soon, I will look spectacular. I already do as a matter of fact! I love to cuddle and I always want to be petted. I purr up a storm when I receive love! I don't enjoy being picked up and would be happiest in a home wit

Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 28, 2017

Political parties at the municipal level Dear Editor, As the 2017 municipal elections loom closer, it is critical that voters consider the impact of their vote especially when it comes to candidates that are part or members of political parties at the local level. Most of the Canadian provinces don’t allow political parties to exist at the municipal level – Quebec and BC being the exceptions. The thought behind the ban is mostly associated with democracy – or the lack thereof – when your city councillor is bound by party lines and not by his or her role as a duly represented official elected to represent his or her constituents. The role of a city councillor is mainly to listen, be available

Letter to the editor 2, Sept. 28, 2017

Clearing the waters Dear Editor, Two hot topics for the western end of Vaudreuil-Dorion – roads and potable water – are slowly being cured or should we say moving towards a solution. Both problems depended on provincial involvement, financially and legally. Both are coming to a head. In the last few days, heavy equipment started widening and removing broken asphalt on Route Harwood between Highways 20 and 40. This work should be totally completed by the end of the year. As to the second topic, potable water for three distinct areas - Hudson Acres, Tree Farm, and the Ritchie Development – the journey is beyond belief at the provincial level: MAMOT, MDDELCC, MTMDET, PRIMEAU and on and on! I se

Letter to the editor 3, Sept. 28, 2017

Ste. Anne's Dog attack Dear Editor, Two weeks ago in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, I witnessed a brutal attack by a pit bull on a spaniel (Your Local Journal, September 14, page 5). My husband and I were driving down the street when a dog came charging. We stopped and watched the pit bull run up to the first dog. He then went across the street where a woman had her dog in her arms. The pit bull grabbed her dog by the leg and was pulling and writhing and growling. There was no way that they could dislodge the biting dog. A lady had an umbrella and was hitting the pit bull. A young teenager was pulling at it, trying to get it off the spaniel. We watched in horror realizing that this pit bull wa

Letter to the editor 4, Sept. 28, 2017

Public institutions merit public scrutiny Dear Editor, Prior to the Council of Commissioners meeting of the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) held September 25, 2017, a complaint was filed regarding the removal from the board's site of all documentation of three recent major 'Consultations.' The consultation reports dealt with the 'Budget,' 'Major School Change' and the 'Code of Ethics for Commissioners.' Indeed, very important stuff. Where are our tax dollars going? What schools are closing? Are commissioners behaving ethically? The LBPSB is a public body; the Education Act dictates that school boards launch consultations when necessary. The idea behind these consultations is to obta

Letter to the editor 5, Sept. 28, 2017

Urban sprawl versus wildlife Dear Editor, Here we go again. We big brained ignorant Homo sapiens. How do we live with animals that have a super sense of smell and get excited by an enticing garbage bin? How do we live with an animal whose claws are strong enough to break a screen and whose claws are clever enough to open a fridge? Unfortunately not in awe of you some of us want to control you. We don't delight in your agility and beauty. We forget you have a family and babies. We forget you are protective of your family and have to support them. We want to get rid of you. We want to exterminate you. We think nothing of putting down poison. We think nothing of drowning you. Yikes I cry! Alas

Letter to the editor 6, Sept. 28, 2017

Urban sprawl versus wildlife 2 Dear Editor, In early September on Mayfair Street, between 20 and 40 trees were cut down on a housing development in Hudson. Yes, of course we are talking about private ownership. However we are talking about a legal imperative and a moral one. At the moment the tree by-law states that one must have a permit to fell trees larger than a 10-inch diameter. With the new Director General, there is hope that the by-law will be changed to a much smaller diameter. The property about which I spoke has had every tree removed. I measured the diameters today. Some are very large. In any case it is not only by measuring a diameter of a tree that we know the age. There are m

Letter to the editor 7, Sept. 28, 2017

Successful Treasures in the Attic Dear Editor, Hudson’s Greenwood Centre for Living History would like to send a huge thank-you to everyone who made our Treasures in the Attic event such a success. The funds this event raises for the ongoing maintenance of Greenwood’s historic house and gardens are so important and we are deeply grateful to the many people who ensured that this could happen again this year. Enormous thanks to all the volunteers who took part in the day’s events: Julia and Richard Curry for their enormous effort in managing all the vintage sale items, not only on Saturday but all year; Audrey Gray for taking care of all the appraisers and more; June Kendall, Georgia Jared, Fr

Parrywinkle, September 28, 2017

PHOTO BY JAMES PARRY Taking a coffee break from setting up their Galerie Plus which opens this weekend, Bert and Heather Markgraf are looking forward to expanding Hudson’s artistic scene in the heart of the village. Wow, what wonderful wacky weather these past couple of weeks. And here we are, as of a few days ago, officially into fall. Who would have ever thunk it? ----------------------------------------------------------- CARPE DIEM - Lawns still being mowed. Perennials, usually as dead as doornails right now, still blooming. Convertibles still cruising. Shorts, sandals, short-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, and halter tops still in vogue. Bags of ice selling like hot cakes at local stores. A

Locals rally to support Mexican migrant worker who lost everything in recent earthquake

PHOTO BY JAMES PARRY While sad at what awaits him in Mexico, Mauricio Mendoza (4th from left back row) together with his fellow Mexican migrant gardeners Isidaro Paulino and Cavlos Medina Cruz (centre and whose homes have not been destroyed) says he is thankful for the support of St. Lazare residents Alejandra Maldonada (left) and her children; Elaine Wright (third from left), as well as Champs de Rêves owner Mark Rassi (third from right), Clementina Garcia and Emily Latour. Every spring for the past five years, Mauricio Mendoza has bid his wife and five children in Mexico a fond farewell to head north to Vaudreuil-Soulanges for six months working as a gardener with other fellow Mexicans at

Three young Hudson virtuosos and budding stars on stage in Valleyfield

PHOTO COURTESY SYLVIE GAGNIER Ember-Leah, Ashley-Maria, and Colton Reed photographed in their garden on the eve of a prestigious free concert in Valleyfield this Sunday, October 1. They say that a family that plays together stays together. And this is certainly true of the Reed-Manuel family in Hudson. This Sunday, October 1, the Reed Trio - comprising Colton on viola and his sisters, Ember-Leah, a violinist, and Ashley-Maria playing cello and all of whom have been making music together since they were still in primary school - will be performing in concert in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield as winners of the Classival Grand Prix 2017 in the category of ensemble music. While this most talented and

Edith de Haerne launches candidacy for a second term in Rigaud

PHOTO COURTESY EDITH DE HAERNE Edith de Haerne is pleased to announce her candidacy for a second term as Rigaud City Councillor in District 3. A well-known citizen of Rigaud, de Haerne has earned her spot on the City Council by safeguarding the mandate from her predecessor on behalf of all citizens while initiating some of her own. During her recent tenure as City Councillor, de Haerne has been very active in her community by participating in numerous local events both in times of celebration and hardship. De Haerne continues to maintain her position as President of the Business Association of Rigaud (AGAR). She has been on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of

Mulcair endorses Hudson mayoral candidate Bill Nash

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Hudson mayoral candidate Bill Nash (left) has been officially endorsed by Tom Mulcair, leader of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP), for the upcoming municipal election. Tom Mulcair, leader of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP), paid a special visit to Hudson to officially endorse mayoral candidate Bill Nash who announced his bid for election during an impromptu press conference at Jack Layton Park last Friday, September 22. “I am so proud to be here on the first day of his campaign because he’s not only an outstanding administrator both public and private, he’s also got a heart of gold,” Mulcair told Your Local Journal. “This is the rare senior businessman who h

Hawa notes significant achievements during her term as Ste. Anne’s mayor

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Ste. Anne de Bellevue’s Mayor Paola Hawa cites the financial gains attained by the city from the transfer of Ste. Anne’s Hospital, the recalculation of the amount of money contributed to the Montreal agglomeration, and the preservation of green space in the city’s North Sector as some of the reasons why citizens should vote for her in the upcoming municipal election. Paola Hawa is hopeful Ste. Anne de Bellevue citizens will consider the many benefits the municipality has reaped during her current four-year mandate as she begins to campaign for a second consecutive term as mayor in the upcoming municipal election. “It’s a mandate that started with a lot of apprehension an

Danie Deschênes seeks first full term as mayor in NDIP

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Danie Deschênes said NDIP is committed to its family-friendly policy which included the opening of Parc des Éperviers in May as she seeks re-election for a second term as mayor in the upcoming municipal election. Danie Deschênes pledged to continue serving her constituents and maintain the city’s family-friendly policy if re-elected to serve her first full four-year term as mayor in the upcoming municipal election in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot (NDIP). Deschênes was first elected mayor during a by-election in June 2014 after former Mayor Marie-Claude Nichols won the provincial election two months earlier. Nichols resigned after being re-elected in November 2013 to assume

Salon de l'emploi Vaudreuil-Soulanges coming up October 4

The Vaudreuil-Soulanges Employment Fair will be back on Wednesday, October 4, at the Pavillon sur le lac du Château Vaudreuil. For this 16th edition, job seekers will be able to meet with about 40 employers and learn about the many positions available in the region. The event - a must-see for employers and job seekers - is an initiative of the Table de concertation pour l’emploi de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. For this edition, the organizers opted for the slogan “Découvrez, sous un même toit, le marché de l’emploi!” (Discover, under one roof, the job market!), In reference to the variety of positions offered at the salon and the resources available to job seekers to support in their efforts. Compan

Letter to the editor 1, Sept. 21, 2017

Response to Mayor Robert Grimaudo Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in response to St. Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo’s letter to the editor found in the September 14 edition of Your Local Journal. In this letter, Grimaudo is defending himself and the council and blaming a resident for questioning the remuneration of councillors with regards to committees. He argues that proving that the remuneration was justified was a waste of town resources: time and money. I would argue that the council needs to be accountable for finance and their books should be up to date. Checking the finances should be easy to do if done right. Also, the resident is within his rights to ask for details when it

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