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Shutterstock photo Copyright: Andy Dean Photography It was with the knowledge that Donald Trump was the American president elect and that Leonard Cohen was dead that I woke up early a couple of weeks ago and decided, curled up with my two rescue dogs, that going back to sleep was the best decision I would likely make all day. A study in opposites, one of the few character traits my dogs share is a love of comfort and remind me constantly that preconceived assumptions on breed-specific behaviours are about as accurate as horoscopes and fortune cookies. My big brave Doberman is afraid of the neighbourhood cats and, when stressed, likes to bury his face, preferably into a human body. He'll bark

Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 24, 2016

Former Hudson Councillor Robert Spencer Dear Editor, The toxic letter last week accusing former Councillor Robert Spencer of making false accusations against the mayor was downright rude and based on fictional ideas regarding the suspension of the ex-Director General. I defend Mr. Spencer's actions, as do many other citizens, who, when wrongdoing is perceived, feel it is their duty to act and voice their concerns. The courts then decide whether or not they have cause enough to investigate which is why they did proceed with the case. Frivolous accusations wouldn't warrant proceeding. As for legal fees, I’m sure the town has insurance to cover most of these costs. I wonder what the legal fee

Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 24, 2016

Dear Editor, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Ten simple words that bear so much meaning. Many of us are quick to condemn yet so slow to forgive. We often jump to conclusions without having all the facts at our disposal or let our personal biases unfairly influence our judgements. I was reading the scathing letter of condemnation of Robert Spencer in last week’s Your Local Journal and was saddened by the unfairness of it all. It started out by describing him as a disgraced ex-councillor and a pawn of a vindictive ex- Director General hell-bent on bankrupting the town of Hudson. Based on my knowledge of the situation the ex-DG being referred to wasn’t hell-bent on anything e

Letter to the editor 3, Nov. 24, 2016

LBPSB guilty commissioner must resign Dear Editor, The school taxpayers of the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) have every right to be updated about issues that deal with the operation of their school board and related ethics rulings. One commissioner has been found guilty on not one but three ethics’ violations. It is time for this this guilty individual to do the honourable thing and resign from her position and stop holding the rest of the council members hostage for selfish reasons. Unofficially, everyone knows who the guilty individual is, yet she continues to play a game of hide and seek behind pseudo argumentation. The verdict by the ethics commissioner is unequivocally clear. G

Letter to the editor 4, Nov. 24, 2016

Hudson Sandy Beach petition Dear Editor, I'm sure many of you are aware that I have started a petition to have the town of Hudson hold a referendum to ask the residents if they would like the town to enter into negotiations with the owner of the large parcel of land surrounding Sandy Beach to purchase the property and preserve it as a nature park adjoining Jack Layton Park. The owner has three distinct parcels of land. I am only asking the town to purchase the largest, undeveloped parcel which includes Sandy Beach and leave the two remaining parcels as developable land for senior housing and private homes. This part of Hudson is unique in that it is on the lake, it is home to an incredible

Letter to the editor 5, Nov. 24, 2016

St. Lazare Infrastructure Dear Editor, St. Lazare has three or four new developments presently under construction, which will add more than 1,000 new homes to the area within the next couple of years, meaning an additional 3,000 to 4,000 people requiring services, such as sewers, water, schools, grocery stores, etc. and an estimated an additional 900,000 to 1.25 million liters of water will be required every day, from our already-stressed water system. (Based on Canada-wide, 2011 Municipal Water Use Report). One thousand new homes will mean 1,000 to 1,500 more cars using St. Angelique, and other roads in St. Lazare, which are already congested in the mornings, evenings and weekends. Approxim

Stellar Stallions

PHOTO COURTESY ANSON WILLIAMS This past weekend the St. Lazare Stallions made history by winning their first Ballon d'Argent of the team’s existence at the Atom level. They did it by beating the undefeated Richelieu Pirates 24-8 at Percival-Molson stadium in front of a great crowd. The game featured great defensive plays by both teams in the half-time. With the score tied at 0-0 the Stallions took over the game by the fourth quarter scoring three touchdowns. As one of our parents said "Parents in the stands were all nervous at the beginning of the game, probably more nervous than the players themselves.” They became louder as the game went on and literally exploded in joy when the Stallions

The Claudel-Canimex String Quartet

PHOTO COURTESY STEVE AMBLER. The Claudel-Canimex String Quartet will grace the stage November 27 in St. James Church Hall with a selection of compositions, traditional and contemporary. The second concert of the 34rd season of the Hudson Chamber Music Series will take place November 27 at 4 p.m. in St. James Church Hall, 642 Main Road, Hudson. The Claudel-Canimex String Quartet will perform works by Verdi, Bédard, and Dvorak. The quartet’s members are Élaine Marcil and Flavie Gagnon (violins), Annie Parent (viola) and Jeanne de Chantal Marcil (cello). The group debuted in 1989 and take their name from sculptor Camille Claudel. They have an extensive repertory from the Romantic and modern per

Somewhere over the rainbow, pantomime returns to Hudson Village Theatre

PHOTO BY ELIZABETH HARWOOD The Cowardly Lion and friends join Dorothy and her pet pooch Toto en route to the Emerald City in Hudson Village Theatre’s Christmas panto, The Wizard of Oz. Well, they may not be in Kansas anymore. But they will certainly be in Hudson this Christmas and holiday season delighting old and young alike in true pantomime style as they wend their way along the Yellow Brick Road and come up against hair-raising encounters that have captured imaginations since 1939 when Judy Garland in her sequined red slippers first sang Over The Rainbow in the MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz. In a magical tale that sees Dorothy, her Aunt Em, and her beloved pet pooch Toto, being blown away

Homemade therapy

PHOTO COURTESY MATTERTHINGS INC. MatterThings 3D Printing in Pincourt worked with a local owner of a card and collectibles marketing company to develop a squeezable likeness of the head of American President Elect Donald J. Trump. While many in the world rolled their eyes incredulously when Donald J. Trump first ventured into the political arena, Pointe des Cascades resident Stewart Sargeant saw it as a unique marketing opportunity. The owner of card and collectibles Breygent Marketing Inc. took a workshop at MatterThings Inc. 3D Printing in Pincourt to design a baseball-sized likeness of Trump’s head destined to perch on the top of a tiny stick-figure body. Working with the team, they devi

Bruce on the loose

PHOTO COURTESY ELISA EDKINS-PROCTOR Bruce the sociable cat will not be contained and regularly ventures out of his owner’s apartment to take a nap on the furniture in one of the stores in Stillview Mall in Pointe-Claire. A Pointe-Claire cat and intrepid explorer named Bruce has become somewhat of a Facebook celebrity over the past year. The nine-year-old tabby adopted from a shelter by resident Elisa Edkins-Proctor is a frequent patron of the Stillview Mall close to Lakeshore Hospital. Unlike most cats that prefer the great outdoors and a quiet nap under a tree, Bruce prefers to take his naps on a shelf of the local dépanneur or better yet, on a comfy chair in a medical equipment store. Bruc

New fish habitat planned for Vaudreuil Rapids

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Mayor Guy Pilon said a new fish habitat will be created along the Vaudreuil Rapids at Parc Sabourin by the primary contractor who will build the new Champlain Bridge as compensation for the loss of fish habitat along the St. Lawrence River. The inevitable destruction of fish habitats along the portion of the St. Lawrence River where the new Champlain Bridge will be built could be an environmental boon for Vaudreuil-Dorion after Mayor Guy Pilon announced details at the Monday council meeting on November 21 of a compensation plan that will establish a new fish habitat along the Vaudreuil Rapids. The habitat will be created at Parc Sabourin, on the south side of Harwood Bou

Pierre Séguin announces mayoral candidacy in 2017 Vaudreuil-Dorion municipal election

PHOTO COURTESY BÉRENGÈRE CORTIN Vaudreuil-Dorion businessman and lawyer Pierre Séguin is throwing an early hat into the political ring in announcing his candidacy for mayor in the 2017 municipal elections. The next Vaudreuil-Dorion municipal election may still be just under one year away, but for Pierre Séguin, it’s the perfect time to declare his candidacy for the city’s top position as mayor which he announced during a press conference on Monday, November 21. A resident of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Séguin has nearly 25 years experience as a businessman and a lawyer in the region and has extensive experience dealing with complex cases involving commercial, municipal, real-estate, zoning and environ

Old Hudson MédiCentre and adjacent house on Cameron torn down

PHOTO BY JAMES PARRY It took less than a day to tear down the centre that had served residents for over 35 years. The former Hudson MédiCentre at 98 Cameron Street, which served local residents from 1965 to early 2011 before being replaced by new premises on Main Road, was demolished this week. And, in an exclusive interview, Mayor Ed Prévost told Your Local Journal November 22, “The plot of land is already sold and will likely be used to build residential condominiums.” He added that a small home on land adjacent to the centre was demolished a few days earlier after it was deemed to be structurally unsound and a safety hazard. The land on which the MédiCentre stood and which was sold by the

Rigaud approves by-law exemptions at special meeting

PHOTO BY JAMES ARMSTRONG A special council meeting called by the Town of Rigaud drew the attention of several citizens. A special Rigaud town council meeting to expedite the processing of three minor derogations and a modification to the town’s human resources policy was held Monday, November 21. The first minor derogation request dealt with the construction of a shed and a parking space in an environmentally protected area along a waterway at 30 rue Saint-Viateur. The owners of the property pointed out the waterway is actually a man-made drainage ditch. Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr., who was chairing the meeting, clarified the definition of waterway. “In Québec, they are all waterways, man-made

Parrywinkle November 24, 2016

Let's go wild this week. For it seems that just about at every turn these past few days, I have come face to face - well, figuratively speaking - with the wonder of wildlife in our little community by the Lake of Two Mountains. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ON THE WILD SIDE - Beginning with the fabulous flocks of Canada geese and assorted duck species once again gathering in the bay before swanning off south to warmer climes. More ducks on Pine Meadows, formerly Pine Lake. Reports of at least two big antlered buck deer doing their best to avoid crossbow hunters - yes, it's legal in Hudson - out Como way. Foxes just about everywhere - including a magnific

Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 17, 2016

Dear Editor, Poor Robert Spencer the disgraced ex-councillor. Was he a pawn in a nasty game? Surely he was not alone? You could think that Spencer had help writing the list of frivolous complaints to the MRC against the mayor and council. You could also believe the vicious, vindictive ex-Director General, hell bent on bankrupting the Town of Hudson, used him to get back at the mayor for suspending her. Almost two years of ignoring the notifications and not showing up at caucus meetings; attending those Town Council meetings that he had to (or not be paid for his monthly stipend); conducting a smear campaign behind the backs of the council. This is not the way a councillor represents his con

Letter to the editor 2, Nov. 17, 2016

Dear Editor, With the last bulb snug in the ground, thank you everyone who volunteered and participated in making The History Garden’s fifth year in existence such fun and, the first year of programming activities in the garden, maintenance events included. A special thanks to Hudson Garden Club and Hudson Food Collective and SDC for their generous input. Without our loyal sponsors, our gardens wouldn’t be as brimmed full of goodies. Thank you Hudson Green House and Crammer Nursery. Thank you summer students Marco and Felicia for being smart and co-operative. Thank you to Marilyn and Maben of the Hudson Historical Society for serving as resource guides when asked. Thank you my silent part

Breaking up is easy for many service contracts

SHUTTERSTOCK PHOTO COPYRIGHT BRIAN A. JACKSON Q. I have a written contract with a local computer firm in force until 2018 to service computers in my business. Our representative is incompetent. How can I get out of this contract? A. If your contract qualifies, you can send a termination notice right now. You don’t even have to talk about incompetence. Generally speaking one can unilaterally terminate a service contract (subject to the important conditions below) based on Section 2125 of the civil code: “The client may unilaterally resiliate the contract even though the work or provision of service is already in progress.” Subject to certain conditions that are often easy to meet, as hard as

Lorne Elliott stars in and stages The Fixer-Upper at Grove Hall in Huntingdon

PHOTO COURTESY FRANÇOISE DOLIVEUX Lorne Elliott as hapless Bruno MacIntyre who wants to take charge of his own life, and Karen Cromar as his Aunt Tillie who doesn't think it’s such a good idea, star in The Fixer-Upper at Grove Hall, Huntingdon, November 24-26. Hudson's comic master of mirth and mayhem, Lorne Elliott, makes no secret of the fact that he just loves Prince Edward Island, spending time there every year, when his busy cross-Canada schedule permits, relaxing, writing and creating. However, not likely he would ever stay at the ramshackle cottage being renovated and fixed up by Bruno MacIntyre, with the 'help' of his clever, but caustic Aunt Tillie for rental in Savage Bay on the so

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