Thank you from the environment

Photo courtesy Ville de Saint-Lazare Member for Soulanges, Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Living, Minister responsible for the Montérégie region, Lucie Charlebois, along with Ville de Saint-Lazare, are happy to have planted 40 trees on Saturday, August 20, at 10 a.m. in Parc Saint-Robert. It was the 7th edition of Plantons ensemble, a collective effort that supports sustainable development and the environment!

St. Lazare Summer Reading Club closing ceremony

The Summer Reading Club closing ceremony was held on Monday, August 15, at 7 p.m. at the Saint-Lazare Community centre (1301 Rue du Bois). The Town of Saint-Lazare would like to congratulate the 267 participants of the summer reading club 2016 edition. These young readers have responded and fulfilled their reading commitment. Their logbooks have been stamped and they received a raffle ticket for each five books they have read. . The closing ceremony is a reward for all the efforts they have done this summer. A night full of surprises Young readers received a diploma to attest their participation in the club, they also received participation prizes. The night started with a new show Dézolé Du

Honouring Ovide T. Baciu

Pictures taken last Saturday, August 20, at the Ovide T. Baciu Chalet unveiling in honor of the last Mayor of the Town of Roxboro who passed away two years ago. Mr. Baciu was Mayor of Roxboro from 1990 to 2002. Mr Baciu's wife, Mrs Beverly Baker and her two sons, Julien and Jean Sébastien Baciu.

Letter to the editor 1, August 25, 2016

Dear Editor, The evening of the 23rd of August, the Council of Hudson held a preliminary consultation/presentation of its conservation plan with maps and PowerPoint presentation, none of which was very legible and verbal explanations in French only. None of the documentation was supplied! I found this disrespectful and surprising as Hudson is legally a bilingual town. I noticed a number of people leaving during the presentation and heard, after the session, numerous people complaining as they could not understand the presentation. This did not surprise me as the information and language was quite technical and difficult, even for fully bilingual individuals. The citizens have until September

Letter to the editor 2, August 25, 2016

Dear Editor, The population of Hudson remains around 5000 and has been more or less unchanged for many years. However, the number of vehicles on our roads has quadrupled or even more in the last five years. I live on the east end of Main Road in the Como sector, and the traffic is constant.... it never stops from early morning until late at night. I believe the same situation is repeated everywhere in this town, from the west end, the two roads in from the highway, Main Road and the Como end. Much of this traffic comes from the ferry to Oka. My point is that this great increase of traffic is not local. However, the townspeople are being asked to borrow a lot of money to improve our roads

It’ll all work out

Shutterstock photo Copyright Dimj As my eldest son prepares to begin Cegep, an academic journey that was a slog for him but passed by alarmingly fast for me, the question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ arises with increasing frequency. And I wish I was in a better position to offer a quick, one-size-fits-all solution but truth be told, I still haven’t answered that question myself. Since he was old enough to talk, I made it a point of recording every career aspiration in his baby book and they have included a doctor, a baker, cartoonist, and even, at one point, a mycologist. When he asked me about some of the different career paths I’ve been on, even I was surprised when at last

Parrywinkle, August 25, 2016

Ah, you gotta love Hudson! With its sometimes crazy characters and offbeat stories that you could simply not make up. Even for a new Fawlty Towers series. Take this past week, for example. We were quietly entertaining guests on our front screen porch when, suddenly and right out of the dusk at 7 p.m., a radio started blasting away on the street adjacent to ours. Rap, rock, or heavy metal? We couldn't be sure. Our eardrums were so blocked by the tsunami wave of sound coming right at us through the trees. Read on dear readers. Me thinks you will be amused. I certainly was! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROCKER RACCOON RACKET - Crikey mick, I thought

Hay shortage: Donations urgently needed for Refuge RR

PHOTO COURTESY ROSE GERGELY/REFUGE RR One of the 72 horses Refuge RR cares for. The animal rescue urgently seeks donations to cover its feeding costs after a shortage led to a doubling of the cost of hay. It’s been a rough spring and summer for Refuge RR, (Refuge, Retire and Rehabilitate), an animal rescue organization based in Alexandria, Ontario that provides a permanent home for 72 abused, neglected and abandoned horses and for any domestic or farm animal in need of a home. The federally registered charity urgently needs donations to help cover hay costs to feed its horses. First a spring drought led to a hay shortage that caused hay prices to double at a time when the refuge already foun

For the fifth consecutive year the Vaudreuil-Soulanges S.O.U.P. Festival is back

YLJ FILE PHOTO/CARMEN MARIE FABIO The 5th Annual Vaudreuil-Soulanges S.O.U.P. Festival will be held at Pointe-du-Moulin Historical Park in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot Sunday, September 4. Come enjoy the consommés, cream soups and veloutés and, most of all, the pleasure of good company. On Sunday, September 4, for the fifth consecutive year, the Vaudreuil-Soulanges S.O.U.P. Festival (Symbol of Openness and Union of Peoples) will be back in Pointe-du-Moulin Historical Park with its famous Gold Ladle Contest. Last year was a triumph with 5000 visitors, 24,000 soup servings and 13 professional soup chefs. So, what is the S.O.U.P. Festival exactly? It’s nothing less than a gargantuan tasting festi

Downton Abbey comes to Hudson in fine style

PHOTO BY FRANCIS CASTAGNA Really getting in to the Downton Abbey spirit with their period costumes and accessories, just some of the show's fans who vied for prizes at Auberge Willow Inn on Monday, August 22. So many exciting and entertaining events are happening lately in our part of the world. Theatre, garden parties, public markets, fundraising galas and rides to name but a few. But a totally unusual happening took place this week in the quaint front bar room of the historic and picturesque Auberge Willow Inn in Hudson overlooking the Lake of Two Mountains. Suddenly, as if by magic, a glorious picture of the cult British drama series, Downton Abbey, was coming alive in front of the 30 spe

Hudson conservation plan presentation goes astray as citizens raise other concerns

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Hudson residents posed myriad questions at the August 23 preliminary environmental conservation plan information meeting ranging from urban development to the unilingual francophone aspect of the presentation. A public information meeting that was held to discuss Hudson’s preliminary environmental conservation plan on Tuesday evening August 23 was sidelined after some of the 75 residents present used the forum to discuss the town’s future urban development plans. The Preliminary Wetlands and Natural Environments Conservation Action Plan was presented by the CIMA Experts/Advisors/Biologists team that was mandated by the town to conduct an exhaustive study on the town’s re

Public info meeting September 15 to present Senneville on the Park

PHOTO BY JOHN JANTAK Senneville’s old town hall fell to the wrecker’s ball on August 15 as the village proceeds with its plans to build a new $1.8 million replacement. The Village of Senneville adopted a series of first drafts of modification by-laws to its master urban plan to allow for the proposed construction of a new development project called Senneville on the Park during the Monday evening council meeting, August 22. Mayor Jane Guest couldn’t provide specific details about the project but said the developer will be on hand to present his plans at a public information meeting scheduled for September 15 at the George McLeish Community Centre. “It’s a new development that is happening on

Fifth anniversary of death of Hudson son and former NDP leader Jack Layton

PHOTO COURTESY JAMIE NICHOLLS The late Jack Layton and his NDP party would win 103 seats in 2011 to form Canada’s Official Opposition. It was five years ago this very week - on August 22 to be exact - that Jack Layton, who was raised in Hudson and who led the New Democratic Party (NDP) to its most successful result in the party's history in 2011, died after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. In a moving tribute to his fellow Hudsonite and former 'boss', Jamie Nicholls - NDP MP for Vaudreuil-Soulanges for four years before losing his seat to Liberal Peter Schiefke in the last federal election - told Your Local Journal in an exclusive interview this week, “For me personally, Jack Layton was

The Bryan Liew Race: 3rd Edition

5K, 10K and kids’ 1K foot race on September 11 The third edition of the Bryan Liew Race will be held September 11 and participants will be able to choose from three different distances: 5km, 10km, and a 1 km (12 years old and younger). All profits will go to the Bryan Liew foundation for athletic facilities and equipment. The start of the 5 km race will be at 9 a.m. at the Bryan Liew Track (Westwood Park, 2800 rue du Bordelais). The 10 km race will follow at 9:15 a.m. and the 1 km race for 12 and under will start at 10:30 a.m. Prizes and medals for top finishers will be handed out afterwards. Registration can be done online at the following address:

Cummins: a Phone Call Away when Volunteers Needed

Magic at the Pat Roberts Centre Sometimes wishes do come true. Especially when you know the right magicians! A group of industrious volunteers from Cummins Est du Canada, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island’s Corporate Recruitment Program, celebrated summer by providing a fresh coat of paint to brighten rooms at WIAIH’s Pat Roberts Centre’s adapted Kindergarten in Sainte-Geneviève. Lyne Charlebois, Director of the Pat Roberts Centre wrote to Bertrand Rougeau, Coordinator/Internal Representative of Cummins and to the Coordinator of VWI’s Corporate Volunteer Recruitment Program: "Here are photos of the team at the end of the day. I very much appreciated the company of these kind gen


Shutterstock photo Copyright DogBoxStudio I received a police report last year concerning a break and enter in the West Island in which the numerous items stolen from the home included 90 purses. “90 sacs à main?” I asked the cop. “Pour vrai?” “Et oui,” he typed back. I don’t get it. I have one purse. A friend of mine has – by her estimate – about 40 and she takes great delight in teasing me about my one black purse. The way I see it, I can only use one at a time and I’m not about to transfer everything I own into another simply based on the fact it will better match what I’m wearing, or whatever. My only criterion for the purse is that it’s large enough to carry all the necessities of life,

Letter to the editor 1, August 18, 2016

Dear Editor, Wetlands, streams, lakes and bogs… the fabric that nourishes our beautiful environment here in Hudson. From the banks of the Vivery to the shores of Sandy Beach. On August 23rd the Hudson Council will present the Wetland conservation plan. This plan is of great importance because it divides all wetlands that will be conserved from what land can be developed. This is a big deal because once it is adopted it will be the basis upon all future development (and density of these developments). It will shape the future of our town right down to your own neighborhood. Many of us live here in Hudson to escape the congestion of the big city and to enjoy nature. That is why it is critic

Letter to the editor 2, August 18, 2016

Dear Editor, On behalf of Hudson Popote Roulante/Meals on Wheels and our clients in town, I would like to thank the participants of the recent Town Garage Sale for donating their registration fees to our organization. We would particularly like to thank Nicolas Pedneault, Recreation Director, for choosing us as this year's recipients. The proceeds will be used to replace and maintain our equipment and to ensure quality meals for our clients. Hudson Popote Roulante/Meals on Wheels is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit group that prepares and delivers cooked meals to senior citizens who are unable to do it for themselves. Complete meals are prepared for up to 30 clients on Tuesday and Friday mor

Letter to the editor 3, August 18, 2016

Chère Rédactrice, Depuis des années, la population fait face à des réductions de services postaux et à des hausses de tarifs. Il est temps d’emprunter une autre avenue. Contrairement à ce qu’on croit, Postes Canada est rentable. Ces 20 dernières années, la grande majorité de ses exercices financiers se sont traduits par des profits. Des dizaines de pays possèdent une banque postale rentable dont les services sont très prisés. Parmi ces pays, on compte la Nouvelle-Zélande, la France et l’Italie. Il n’y a aucune raison qui empêche le Canada de se doter d’une banque postale. L’an dernier, les grandes banques canadiennes ont réalisé des profits de 35 milliards $. De tels profits ne les ont toute

Sexual assault on a college campus - the perspective of a fellow student

My name is Lauren Mitchell and I study Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention at John Abbott College. My program’s classes deal with victims of all kinds, including sexual assault victims. But when I came across the story about a 19-year-old girl who was reportedly sexually assaulted at John Abbott during the summer school session, I was appalled and felt sick to my stomach. Things that are too close to home like that scare me. I read about how she was treated by police and by school officials, and for the first time, was speechless. I am known to write paragraphs of my opinions on my Facebook page about stories like this, but this time, I honestly did not know what to say as I couldn’t u

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